Osiptel: The termination of the regulation of telephony tariffs would be officially based in March Economy


The Osiptel is planning to deliver its final project in March to control the Control of the Tariff of the Established Telephony service.

This was marked by the governing body at a public hearing on the # 39; praise, made today.

Osiptel said that the number of telephony lines was synchronized by 3 million from 2009. As well as constantly reducing registration in the use of local calls, LDN, LDI and Mobile Based.

This is in line with the changes in the telecommunications market (mobile and internet telephony). And a voice market with bigger elements of the competition (Active operation – Mobile).

Osiptel emphasized the fact that a & # 39; step on market, such as increasing or more threatening targets Telephone taking advantage of its market advantage, joint rules of protection will also be implemented:

Osiptel said that the proposal does not apply to the rules applied in relation to interconnection, infrastructure and retail services.

"Osiptel's power is to re-establish its captive management when market situation is being protected, and monitors the performance of its devolution market to regularly, with more emphasis on Telefónica strategies, "he said.

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