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In its first major scientific search, OSIRIS-REx's spacecraft has gotten water on its & # 39; asteroid Bennu The search was made through ideas during the OSIRIS-REx approach to the Near Earth Asteroid between mid-August and early December 2018 and confirming previous comments that Bennu could be a substitute; water into the inner sun system.

The research also enhances the products from Bennu OSIRIS-REx to & # 39; Hopefully he will return to the Earth early the next decade. Such water supplies may help with scientists to strengthen or distance from the theory that asteroids have spawned billions of years ago with the water that is now in place; affecting the surface of our planet.

OSIRIS-REx science science mission is an amazing start:

Last week, when OSIRIS-REx had all eyes to reach the Bennu asteroid, confident scientists were confident, terminates the comparison of a month-months monthly data between the OSIRIS-REx (Satisfactory Analysis, Resource Recognition, Security-Regolith Explorer) instruments to provide a specialized data confirmation that demonstrates a water presence on Asteroid near its location; Land.

During the 3.5-month OSIRIS-REx program to Bennu, scientists put confidence in expressing three of the asteroid space-makers and began to create their own. The first scientific idea of ​​his & her; mission.

Out of these three instruments, two of OSIRIS-REx spectrometers, the Visible Spectrometer and Infrared OSIRIS-REx (OVIRS) and the OSIRIS-REx (OTES) Thermal Alarm Spectrometer, have shown that molecules Hydrogen bond and hydroxide oxygen, known as hydroxyls – featuring a global distribution of Bedding mineral minerals.

Bennu, made up of 12 PolyCam images collected on Dec. 2 by OSIRIS-REx (Belief: NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona)

Although water lock can not be found about a & # 39; Collecting liquid water on the Bennu surface, it is waterproof containing clay minerals. And because the determination is too small to entertain energy water on its own, the search shows that a & # 39; A parent group named Bennu – a larger asteroid – and includes a drink water itself.

Speaking at the South African South American Geo-American Union of 2018 meeting, members of the OSIRIS-REx team spoke that a priority ambition was met as soon as possible, Ensure that there is still a lot of work ahead of the mission – which is also responsible for obtaining a sample from the Binding surface and its output; Return that sample back to Earth.

"The presence of hydraulic minerals over the asteroid emphasizes that Bennu, which is already left in creating solar system, is a good example for the OSIRIS-REx mission to investigate representing private volatiles and legends, "said Amy Simon, OVIRS, an instrumental scientist at the NASA Space Flight Flight Center.

"When the Purpose of Earth returns to samples of this material in 2023, scientists will find an inventory of new information about the history and development of our solar system."

Getting these materials back to Earth is very tough, but it's something that the team and spacecraft are well prepared.

From the beginning, OSIRIS-REx was designed so that not only can it reach and fly with Bennu – something that was completed on December 3 – but also enter the order (recorded for 31 December 2018) and then go down on its surface sometime in 2020.

This tour – more "docking" will not get on ashore, as defined by the OSIRIS-REx team – access to it; craft can be sampled from a robotic Bennu surface, stored in a backup machine, and returns the sample to Earth for deeper exploration.

But putting on any surface needs a good understanding of the local land as well as seeing the potential to avoid the risks that need to be avoided.

Bought – before launching OSIRIS-REx – has been harder than it is now understood, by creating a high image of The image of the asteroid, which creates a better image that the OSIRIS-REx is closer to its; get to the asteroid.

Based on the close surveys of OSIRIS-REx, we now know that Plantation is determined as a mixture of rocky areas, with boulders with very few flat sections that are not of a pile and that the number of boulders is on the surface higher than expected.

This means that a thoroughly detailed study needs to be determined on the Binding surface for a & # 39; Verify a safe visitor place for OSIRIS-REx and the chefs need to be closer to Determine before the science teams can properly assess where a sample can be taken from the surface.

OSIRIS-REx performs a & # 39; Touch-And-Go sample detector on Bennu. (Credit: NASA Space Flight Flight Center)

"Our starting data shows that the team built the right asteroid as the target of the OSIRIS-REx mission. We have not had amazing questions at Bennu so far," said Dante Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx engineering at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

In order to ensure that no queries in the 2020 return and part of the mission's conclusions, 2019 scientists spent a detailed collection of ideas on the surface before they landed on a land later on the same year.

After selecting the site, the teams run many symbols of the series revive – a & # 39; draw a lot on NASA's knowledge of drawing together spaceships. A large range of weaknesses and weaknesses Determine a & # 39; make OSIRIS-REx coming in a lot more like to get to # 39; go into a craft landing on the surface of her; moonlight.

OSIRIS-REx waste on Sensing is scheduled to occur at a time in 2020, as the collection of the sample is to be returned to Earth.

If everything goes to the plan, the sample will come back on land in September 2023.

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