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Professor Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at New York City College, believes that images of the Emigrants are all wrong. In a terrible radio interview on Coast to Coast AM, the scientist said that civilization seems to be far more pronounced than the people at present. Speaking to the guest of George Noory, Dr. Kaku said biological groups are too limited for adherent species for hospitality. Instead, tell the seer that other people might be able to; Meet other people in the future, cybernetic creatures strengthened by technology in the future.

Dr Kaku said: "I would like to do it if there were symbols of Hollywood.

"I think one day when we meet other people from a place outside, they will not be completely biological, they may be part of a coat, biological part.

"So we've been thinking they're going to look like Captain Kirk, rightly, we're sorry they're going to do it. Understand that there are constraints for a biological group if these are advanced.

"They could be part of a crane and they are not completely biological and so I think we're going to get a boat there. "

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However, other scientists are not assured that foreign space in the space will incorporate advanced civilizations.

For example, Dr. Ellen Stofan, who was the leader of NASA and head of the Smith & Space and Space Museum in Washington DC, believes scientists have evidence of bitter life one day.

Speaking ahead of the US Senate Sub-Committee on Spain, Science and Competitiveness, Dr Stofan said that planets like Mars could be home to foreign microbes.

The scientist said: "Life has risen here on Earth quickly when a situation has been made stable, so you know, for the first hundred million years on Earth, that The causes are like an enemy.

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"It was as soon as the conditions were confirmed within 100 million years or so, we are very confident that their microbial first life has grown on Earth.

"It's the problem in life in the seas for a billion years and took over a billion years for life to become complex growth. That's why my life is hopeful to grow on Mars.

"I'm not hopeful to have got it very complicated, so we're talking about finding fossil microscopes – one-way organisms, things that are writing with blue-green algae. "

And according to the painter expert and television expert Brian Cox, there is likely to be a superior civilization in the space with his / her; a danger as to die civilization on his own hand.

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Speaking at a live conference on her & # 39; The ability to have a fascinating historical life, Professor Cox said at least one in 20 stars across the Wonderful Sound Drive and a Planet is similar to Earth.

But the likelihood of those worlds seems to be living in alien civilization.

He said: "The challenges in knowledge such as nuclear weapons and AI may mean that civilians are not long enough."

And according to NASA's sphere group, scientists need to be ready to watch animals on planets far away; look very different at life on Earth.

Mary Parenteau, an astrobiologist at Ames NASA's Research Center, said today's scientists have sought a wider range of biosignatures than ever.

Rectangular planets may be affected by purple animals and not as large as green ones as on Earth.

She said: "How does a living plan look like?

"We need to be open to the potential for life to rise in many contexts in a lot of world class marketing."

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