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OTHER Ahli Bank congratulates citizens on personal loans and new changes Everyone is happy to report on the Egyptian Fife site, on Saturday November 17, 2018.

In a fascinating wonder for many citizens, the National Bank of Egypt made some changes to the terms of the personal loan, at least increasing the loan or repayment period of the loan due to high prices products and products in the Egyptian market. To attract a lot of citizens.

National Bank and Personal Line

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) offers a range of personal loan programs for Egyptian citizens entitled:

National remit. Providing salary to & # 39; remuneration

The maximum amount of the personal loan from the citizen is between 500,000 pounds and one million pounds, depending on the income and income of the citizen and the guarantee it has given, and payments are made in the period 8 to 10 years.

The loan is interest between 18 and 19% per annum and its lease by loan type, and the administrative costs of the loan are between 2 and 3% of the total loan received by the citizen.

One of the most important situations that must be achieved in the user is that the age range is 21 to 60 years, and age 65 to 65 in some occupations, and the employee should not be less than 500 pounds in the government department and 800 private sector employees per month.

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