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JAKARTA – Several health professionals agree that other tobacco products may be one of the solutions to reduce the level of eating (such an high level) of adult smoking in Indonesia. It was proved in several other countries that has already known the same situation with Indonesia.

Professor Lee Kuan Yew de Public Policy, Tikki Pangestu from the National University of Singapore explained that other tobacco products are one of the important ways to overcome the problem of smokers in Indonesia. "Especially for being among the most famous in Indonesia," Tikki said in Jakarta yesterday.

The Health Ministry's Primary Health Research (Riskes) data 2018 shows the number of smokers aged over 15 who reach 33.8% of the total adult population. Of these, 62.9% were male smokers and 4.8% were female smokers.

Based on the Atlas Tobacco research, in 2016, the number of smokers in Indonesia reached nearly 55 million people and was expanding. This sum makes that WHO is putting Indonesia into the country with the world's third highest cigarette consumption after China and India.

Tikki explained that other tobacco products have many strong, proven and clear scientific investigations. One of the most recent results is the results of the research by health experts from several universities in London, England, which are published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 30 January, 2019.

The study entitled "Random Trial of E-Totarettes Versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy" found that the use of e-cigarettes almost twice as much as using nicotine centers, such as gum, to help stop smokers. T smoking. t A trial case of 886 smokers found 18% of smokers who used cigarettes to stop smoking for a year compared with 9.9% of them gave them a nicotine replacement medicine.

According to Tikki, in general there are at least two things to complete different scientific investigations on other tobacco materials. First, other tobacco products are 95% lower in danger of combustible cigarettes with the toxins being detected. Second, other tobacco materials can help smokers stop smoking. "The unpopularity of health professionals to accept this truth is a real concern and is not clear why," said the former WHO Policy Director and Research Co-ordinator.

He also agreed that the government has to split regulations in relation to electric cigarettes and other tobacco products with normal cigarette products. Other tobacco products currently contain the other tobacco products (HPTL) products and are handled in the same way as standard cigarette products with hazard rates up to 57%.

Although it refers to various scientific studies which decide that the risk is lower, the tax on other tobacco materials should be less than normal cigarettes. The government and education practitioners in Indonesia have to look again at further research into other tobacco products so that the policies that are prepared more fully and appropriately. "The government needs to develop an appropriate and appropriate policy framework for the regulation of other tobacco products," Tikki said. (Rachmat Baihaqi)


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