OTT Bowo Sidik Summary for Dawn of the 2019 election campaign


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Commission Abolish Pollution (KPK) arrested for eight manual labor (OTT) made from Wednesday (27/3) to Thursday (3/28) morning. The OTT is concerned with the co-operation and leasing of assets PT Pupuk Indonesia with PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia.

Vice-Chair KPK Basaria Panjaitan published the instructions on getting eight people. The KPK team who introduced Marketing Manager PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia, Asty Winasti and PT Inersia staff, Idung, on Wednesday afternoon (3/27).

KPK were informed that Asty would provide money to Idung, to the PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia Office, Granadi Building, Jalan HR Rasuna Said. Idung is suspected of receiving money from Rp.89.4 million.

“It is thought that cash movements like the seven income income have previously been a promise”, said Basaria at the press conference in the KPK, Jakarta building, Thursday (3/28). T .

Idung is a trusted member of the House of Representatives Commission VI from Golkar Golkar, Bowo Sidik Pangarso.

Then, after arresting two people, the agency executive's team charged against the Commander of Law at PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia, Selo; Finance Department PT Inersia, Manto; and driver of Idung.

After receiving the three people, the KPK team installed Dr Bowo Sidik's driver in residence in the Permata Hijau area, South Jakarta, around 16:30 WIB. From the same place, Siesa Darubinta also got a private party.

"They were then taken to KPK Office for further investigation," said Basaria.

Basaria said he had asked Managing Director PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik, Ahmadi Hasan and Marketing Manager PT PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik Achmad Tossin came to KPK Office in Jakarta at night.

In addition, Basaria said that a KPK team had found where Bowo was. The KPK team only Bowo only seized at about 02.00 WIB, at home. Bowo was then taken to senior office for further investigation.

"Because it was said that receipts were kept in a place in Jakarta, the team moved to an office in Jakarta to win around Rp.8 billion in money," said Basaria.

Having done a 1×24 hour study, the KPK Bowo, Idung, and Asty set out suspicion of bribery associated with cooperating in collaborating with PT Pupuk Indonesia with PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia. The KPK is suspicious that Bowo Sidik is raising money for his attack & # 39; 2019 election.

Find the KPK IDR 20,000 and IDR 50,000 divided into 84 boxes.

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