Ottawa gives his opinion on the possibility of a new dispute due to the end of the tax dispute, the well


Canada is considering new ways of defending the United States in the hope that we will build steel and aluminum taxes.

A supreme with a direct knowledge of the situation says that Canada is considering launching consultations on whether it should increase its compensation tariffs.

The store says that Canada is "going to refresh our confidence in order to focus the mind".

Last June, the Trump administration introduced 25 percent of imported steel and 10 per cent of imported aluminum aluminum investments.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has been visiting illegal and illegal move, including $ 16.6-billion in secret tariffs aimed at everything from a maple juice in Maine to Bourbon in Kentucky.

Canada has strongly lobbied the White House, as well as anyone who affects President US. Donald Trump hopes to get the taxes.

However, many states that there has been little progress in that effort, and that Trump is delighted with him and his tariffs.

When Canada was first introduced, the government mentioned the downturns as a “dollar-to-dollar” compared to US tariffs.

But the store says that the value of the dollar is just going close to that threshold.

Growing compensation tariffs

A second source said that the reason why Canada's tolls aren't real is that some imports have been banned during the removal process.

The consultations that Canada is considering will look at how compensation tariffs can be increased to meet the dollar toll for dollar.

"Obviously, we are looking for things that will have a negative impact on Canadianians," said the main well.

If Canada looks at raising compensation tariffs, it aims to boost Canadian Canadian currency options.

The idea for making a debate "takes the meaning of the US".

When Trump first introduced the tariffs, the move was regarded as an NAFTA negotiation. The White House was also supposed to lift the tariffs after a new trade deal was reached.

However, the USA has not changed its policy.

Trudeau is criticized by opponents for signing the agreement before tolls are removed.

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