Ou Shangyu lays down domestic walkers onshore wind power. Ministry of Economic Affairs Coordination – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


Ou Shangyu lays down domestic walkers onshore wind power. Ministry of Economic Affairs Coordination – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-22 14:57
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writer: Xie Jiaxing

Minister of Economics Shen Rongjin. (Photograph: Media News Agency)

In response to the proposal of the European Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan's wind energy development should be prioritized by the successful start of its wind farm plan. The supply chain should not be requested promptly. The Minister of Economy, Shen Rongjin today (22nd) noted that the developer has established a business society at the election time. Timetable and gender project, this is the consensus that a Business Bureau and producers have gathered after more than 70 information sessions. Nowadays, developers face the supply chain's weight, and it is inevitable that there will be pressure and difficulty. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will require developers and providers to sit down and talk together to answer problems and solve and win a situation.

European Trade Room published 2019 praise on the 21st. In terms of onshore wind power, it emphasized that local regulations should improve the supply chain. It is recommended that the government will Prioritizing the successful immersion of a far-off wind farm project in Taiwan. Localization, or thus make security, mitigate quality, and affect market competition.

Shen Rongjin Economic Minister on 22nd said that the time and project related to the business was decided by over 70 information sessions; at its business and business bureau business. When the developer chose, he could not understand that the developer was able to; There are some problems in the procurement of procurement specification assignments, and in fact some problems in the & # 39; process. For example, developers are concerned about the lack of experience of local providers, a fine has a fine, and providers hope to recover costs as quickly as possible. By contributing to product prices, developers also have a " think profits are used. These questions come out to communicate and coordinate. He said: "(Original sound) We come together to meet problems, deal with problems, we hope to win issues and win a situation. They have to have problems, so they said that they should go as fast as I can understand, this is good, OK. It is expected that the government needs to solve the problem before its government value.

Shen Rongjin said he would look for developers and suppliers to sit down and talk about the difficulties faced by makers and Analyzing the results related to quality, price and delivery time.

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