Oued-Noun Cinema Festival: receiving an Italian cinema


The 8th edition of the Film Oued-Noun Festival will be held from 02 to 07 April 2019. This year, it will be the Italian guest of honor.

This cultural event is an opportunity to share experiences, extend dialogue and interact between filmmakers, film industry actors and the general public.

Ten short films from Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, France and the USA will compete for the Grand Prix of 20m 2019 of this famous film event in the area called Guelmim-Oued. Other awards include the Jury Award and the "Creation" award given to young talent.

Chaired by Idriss Lamrini, the jury consists of actor Nissrine Radi and film director Ahmed Sijilmassi.

As well as the official short film competition, the festival's events include an overview of documentary and documentary films, cinema cinema workshops, cinematograph caravans and outdoor film screenings.

Also on the menu for this film, there is also a conference devoted to the cinema's conservation in Saharawi's cultural heritage, film lessons and various exhibitions.

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