Ouija Record: Ouija's board game is a genuine focus on children from Pajarito, Boyacá. Tunja


An Gaming & 18-pound star & # 39;and that was is promoted through WhatsApp young people aged 12 to 17 years of agricultural technical school of the town of Pajarito, causing concern in the population. The game also challenged young people from the sixth and eighth level, use the & # 39; Ouija Tablet & # 39; and attack spirits.

The game where many of the students participated, "ending in crimes, changes in behavior and aggression in children, and even some of them would have changed their voices and said they wanted to kill themselves, "said local manager Inocencio Pérez at Caracol Radio.

According to the order given by his home administration, the game would be planned by some satanic people, to encourage suicide.

According to the tidal sea, some experts in paranormal cases ensure that the seabird was attracted by evil spirits, and for that reason, name the Supply & Detection View & # 39; where people leave "to stay on the street or in public places, without directing the parents, between seven in the night and five in the morning. "

Those who do not subscribe to the & # 39; restricted to arrest, and the families get sanctions.

Touch of Stay rises only until the young people get out of danger.

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