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OSIRIS-REx NASA asteroids probe spent many months flying through spaces to meet its target, a big sphere called Bennu. The purpose of the spacecraft will be made over the next two years, but when it comes to Bennu, we finally get a cornerstone view. And a boy is dirty.

One of the interesting things about asteroids that are unlikely to look like you can think. We have been taught by science fiction to think that asteroids have a large tree of strangers, but the truth is quite different. As you can see clearly from the images, Bennu is a large dusty ball with debris.

You know what the surface of the asteroid is so important to the OSIRIS-REx mission, as space space must be chosen to bring land to an end. After a year of inspection, the device will insert the asteroid and will provide a sample of the surface surface before reverting to the Earth where scientists can explore the material more precisely.

The images of Bindi's surface show the people who were sent back from the Hayabusa-2 probe research that traveled to another asteroid, known as Ryugu, and his / her; down on top. The crew who was very quickly tested to & # 39; Note how bad and how rough the asteroid was over, and Bennu would seem to be the same.

Asteroids like this can tell us a lot about the history of Solar Solar as well as the content from which plans such as Earth were first created. Scientists are always willing to analyze new plans and a long world, but there may be smaller issues such as Determining what we can tell us about where we all started.

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