Our singer has published an unusual design, and enjoys a child in the family


She is waiting for her one of her richest times, and she has chosen her division.

Singer Katka Knecht is very happy! But she does not care for her own child, but she is like she would. Her sister Veronica is tricky. "In general, I also expect one of the most important women in my life. I'll be Mum! Mummy," She wrote her to the beautiful picture she published.

Katka's sister is waiting for her; First baby with her husband Petrom. She also published a beautiful image on her profile with the following description: "My child. I did not think these words would be my words. The unbelievable thing you will do with me."

Katka and Veronica are non-separated not only as sisters, but also as friends. We want to give them a lot of snippets, Veronike's simple birth birth. We have already asked if a little girl or a boy is born in the Knechtovs family …

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