Outdoor case! Couple Palace Palace doll machine shop


A 17-year-old senior female friend in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, recently put a doll in a small doll machine shop, but caught the fire and burned them " Live Spring Palace "in a & # 39; shop. All accounts were recorded, and people watched the glasses. Use the pupils, so that it is a threat to her girls to give it strange pictures, or if the personal pictures are required on the internet, so that secondary students are scared afraid. Follow the police officers of the line to find a Xiao doll device, and he sent Xiao to the intentions that opposed the law. However, the investigation of the Xinbei District Audit Office found that Xiao's crime was not enough and was not opposed to his / her; case.

According to the Free Times, it is the owner of the Xiao Nan doll machine, who is 49 years old. In May this year, he used his mobile phone to monitor the screen of the inspection in the shop and found that a secondary school couple had a " launch "spring spring" section in the store. I did not expect to be presented with the interested parties. Three non-nominee assistants did not add Facebook high school students and they were threatening to distribute the pictures to the Internet unless they provided the pictures of the girls. Fear scared.

At the hearing, Xiao said that he would only accept screenshots, and why was the reason to go? Another Taiwanese reminded that some of the people were illegal in the store, not to # 39; distributed exclusively, and did not know the three cleaners who were at risk to the couple; The three attackers who were scared, and the evidence is not enough to prove that Xiao Nan did, and did not want to follow.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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