Outrageous: they found a man who was disturbing a 12-year-old boy in the park


January 4, 2019

Protestant attestation witnesses to stop her & her; His mother gave him this 65-year-old man. But she refused everything.

There was something terrible that happened on Saturday in the area Mendoza, when A man who was abused by a 12 year old boy in midfield.

This happened around 5.30pm on San Francisco de Asis Avenue, before reaching San Vicente Bridge, and the view was seen couple who went through the busy place, where they saw the man with the child inside your car.

According to the portal Na Andes, the child will be admitted to the Notti hospital. There were also local witnesses to come into the truth that the child's mother was; who gave her son to this too aged 65 years old.

They did not go to her daughter's birthday because she was spoiled, and now her mother got something interesting

When this couple was found in the park, they brought the child out of his / her; car then, and when the police arrived, they arrested the man. His name was Leiva and he was already designated as a "pedophile" by history of abuse.

However, one of the strongest allegations was against the mother's mother, who was charged with her against her son. Here, she told everything and said that that was wrong: "They are very clean, I do not know where they got them. I have a great deal of anger and luck and suffering from my family and my family. Everything. It's a really cool thing for what they are doing out.

Until now, since its Justice did not obstruct any prohibition against its & # 39; mother, and for that reason she can visit her son who has gone into hospital while the checks on her / her / her / her / her / her / going on.

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