Over 100 young men saved their video clip bridge bridge "view"


Young men need to climb to the Tuan Phuoc bridge piers, Da Nang needs to be able to go. Force dragging video activity to move more than 100 people to rescue

Young men climbing the bridge piers, Thuan Phuoc, Da Nang to throw a "scenic view" The need to move more than 100 people to rescue

According to previous information, about 15h15 an afternoon (21/11), find a young man's road at the top of the bridge. Thuan Phuoc should report to the police and rescue fire department (PC07 Cong Da Nang City).

Armed forces were convinced that this person was expected to be killed, as soon as he put forward more than 100 Rescue Force officers, Fire Fitting Team, Hai Chau Firefighters and Fire Protection Team Just to the present day the school saved.

The rescue team had put an action group to take the staircase in the north bank to bridge a bridge; to reach the top, and below, to pump a & # 39; Arrow to stop people from getting off, jump. At the end of the Tuan Phuoc bridge also stopped traffic discharges for rescue groups.

When they came close to that, the rescue crew used a strap of her; insurance connected to the person and then the young person sent safely.

Young men identified as T.T. (Aged 25, living in Bao Loc, Lam Dong). At a police station, H. suddenly said, the climb to the top of the job was just a video "video view" video clip on the social network. Young men said they did the same in 2016.


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