Over 65,000 foreigners work in Slovakia, most of them from Serbia


The largest representation of people from abroad in Bratislava.

26. November 2018 or 9:05 SITA

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Bratislava. There were around 65,000 foreigners working in Slobhaia at the end of October this year. Compared to the end of September, an increase of 810 people, compared to last October last year, has increased the number of foreigners working in Slovakia with more than 17,000.

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Serbia citizens are the largest producer in the Slócaig labor market.

Those in Slobhacia in the end of October worked around 15,000, which are nearly three thousand people compared to the previous year.

This is evident from data published by the Center for Labor, Social Affairs and Family.

On the second line, the Roman people, who came to work for Slovakia more than ten miles at the end of the tenth month this year. Compared to the previous year, their number grew nearly two miles.

Followed by Ukraine, recorded in the past month over ten thousand of its citizens working in Slovakia. Compared to last year's October, its number grew by 6.2 miles.

Nearly a third of salaries in Slovakia were working at the end of October this year in Bratislava. In the five areas of the Slovak capital, 20.5 thousand foreigners worked. In the background the Trnava area, which recorded 9.8,000 emigrants has been employed in the same period.

The Labor Office in Malacca raised 2.5,000 workers from other countries. On the other hand, only nine foreigners worked in October this year in the Medzilaborce area.

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