Overcoming the tough scandal, Aaron Carter becomes a father and praises her favorite girlfriend


According to source E! Anecdote has appeared, Aaron Carter and her lover Lina Valentina is preparing to bring her first child together. Prototype voices "I Want Candy" also heard the news on Twitter as well: "I felt very personally and emotionally, and finally I bought my first home. And we look forward to a child. " Sources E! News releases Aaron may recommend to Lina next week.

Overcoming the tough screen, Aaron Carter becomes a father and father; Preparing for his sweetheart - Picture 1.

Aaron Carter and his sweetheart.

As well as the fans who congratulate him, some enemies have a host; Aaron cleansed. "I had just bought my first home." I made a new record and put together a new register, I paid enough tax and made more than 200 exhibitions annually, without reporting I am going back to port- LAX flights to my sweetheart after holding a big show in Manila, Philippines, and the audience's love and support is amazing. "

Aaron first appeared about the day Lina was in September. He never stopped saying sweet words to his lover online:

"No one has ever understood me and loved me as this woman, and I have been keeping my heart for her rest of my life, although he is not We're just together, but we'll definitely stay together to grow old. I'm going to be a real man because you're the woman you were always dreaming about. "

Overcoming the tough screen, Aaron Carter becomes a father and praises her praise for her lover - Picture 2.

Photographs of Aaron Carter last year after drug scandals.

Aaron had previously been Madison Parker and then revealed that he was black-haired, possibly male and female. In February, the male singer released his first album, LøVë, who is a celebrating the first time he put a new record after 15 years.

"My two single singles are already in the main 40. But no one wants to talk about it." They are I would like to see it broken in a drug because of drugs and failures. I was lucky when I turned my head.

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