Overdose Vitamin D: Ökotest gives a warning against a cure


Vitamal D is important to the body – but it's not a great medicine. On the other hand, an excellent eight-dimensional D can do your health. So, Ökotest warns against taking independent vitamin recordings.

They are alleged to protect antibiotics, cardiovascular diseases or even cancer. The password around food is vitamin Vitamal D is great because it is important for the body, but it can be dangerous in the dark.

Ökotest has touched more closely with the effects of those vitamins – and even face-to-face warning too much. No cure should always be done.

How does a lack of vitamin D grow?

The body contains vitamin D through the sun – that is why people are infected. talk about her sunshine. In winter, there is a shortage, especially in more darker areas. In Norway, food is often reinforced by vitamin D.

In drug and supermarket doors, it comes as a result of the cold season in vitamin D, It is expected that this will prevent or obstruct deprivation. However, experts give strong advice against working independently.

Signs of poor seed vitamin D

Nutritional nutrition can be proven by a doctor and always, This will order effective arrangements in the appropriate amount. Self-therapy, as many people prefer, however, is associated with the risk of an oversight of the threat of the virus. engine D.

Too much of the material may cause harm to health then. The effects of the eyed brown include domination, tiredness, sweeping, diarrhea or abnormalities, adverse effects and friendly arrhythmias. In the long term, a patient of a D of vitamin D can cause the kidney failure.

In addition, there is more vitamin D in most complex cases at least – Healthy people can not benefit from the food provisions. There were only a few patients suffering from suffering because the body usually deploys patient D for the dark season. If there is a deficiency, a doctor should be advised first to manage their treatment according to the results. Signs of vitamin deficiency can be found here.

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