Overseas they laugh talking about Edderton. In addition to the main clubs, the stadium was held. And the bad luck shows us well


I returned to Milan on Wednesday afternoon, after a week of traveling through Europe. No holidays, just work. This is also the essence of the journalist's work. Tours, see games games, meet new people, you can look out of cities that few people know. But the more interesting thing is that he is compared with colleagues support foreigners. They are not team members of the Bel Paese. They have no reason to explain this or the idea of ​​Italian teams and football. They do not like or dislike the people who are coaching, playing or news officers. They are certainly discriminatory and fairer. In fact, they also need to understand football and sometimes men. But we say that they are false. Mercenaries of that famous intellectual prostitution yielded the good José Mourinho well. And from my parents taught me to listen to the views of others and then give me my own opinion, so that I can assess the best assessments possible, I immediately declare that they don't. seeing Inter. Or instead of doing it excellent club the imagination of Nerazzurri.

a & # 39; his love it is known as a fallen gentleman. As a club after having recently made contact with the highest level of history with subjugation bullied, stopping big investment. And though historical and glorious world still exists (and is lost) on paper, today it is not feared. And do you know what I tell you? True, they are correct. Let's start with a non-game matter, but look inside. In fact, with the very real camp: San Siro. We are talking about the same game at a particular level where different journalists and professionals can only use an lift to reach the media and give respect. Compared with European plants it has been just a year ago. So far as not all the people mentioned just now but at the same time recognizing the Mizza as a standard award, they no longer exist. Terms like an old, old-fashioned, old-fashioned, old-fashioned elevation. And how can you blame them? You cannot. The relationship for Sir Siro must be separated from the real people benefits that this step is a guide.

So unfortunately, as I see the first game at a live stage, I need a complete renovation of the plant or building. ex novo of a new home for Eadar. When I was working in Spain I went to Bernabeu to eat, drink and have fun. This means I was working during days when Real Madrid games didn't exist. In Italy it must also be that. Just as being a dinosaur, you're not afraid and you're supposed to be.

We change the topic, or instead we deal with football now. The Nerazzurri years hope to go into the Champions League and start with the third or fourth place. You're used to it now. Gentle man, forgive me. But do you think Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, City, Chelsea, PSG and a beautiful company, ie the true masters of Europe, would be happy to end the season alone with a European situation? Among other things, such as a competition defined as training that has not been universally appreciated? The answer is no dry. Of course the financial play play a vital role in reaching the current position. That's why it's not on the Sunday morning. I hope that this organization is going to have a blindness and I am sure that our Gaelic translations will be available later this summer. However, samples and samples are required top player level. Need for expenditure. We need to improve the team squad (and enough), or join in three issues. And now try it.

With Lautaro hurt, and here I've been seeing the bad luck because if there was one that should not stop now it was just like the Virgo, the blanket is very short. Icardi's case is ok sui generisbut also from this we understand the importance of the long long one. You are safe in safety. Outside De Vrij the interior of Miranda is still fine. A common remedy is necessary in the other jobs. Do you want to win? You need a maximum of 22 players (and 3 visitors) of the highest level. We've been setting too long for the time to be in such a difficult situation. Clear that everything is passing from the place. But then you have to lift the bar. Also, I can think of a really good team. People will live on memories and resemble the Milanists so criticized and tightened because, at the time of gold, they defeated everything. And today it is easier to break their lot than see both Milans at the first and second place. Clear contracts and long friendships. For me, Interior and his fans are behind the best. In addition, no individual is responsible for taking responsibility for taking on this responsibility.


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