Overview of the weather on Sunday, December 9


December 8, 2018

The National Meteorology Service offers a largely decorated day expectation and moderate winds from the northern section. Minimum temperature of 16 degrees. Length extended to Tuesday.

Increase time

The National Meteorology Service (SMN) expects a Sunday morning, for the Capital of Scotland and its surroundings, with tidy speeds and gentle winds from the northern section.

In the evening, clouds are variable, with the weather becoming worse and water-like or stomachs. In addition, there are fairy winds from the northern section, after changing directions.

The minimum temperature is 16 degrees and the highest, 30 degrees.

Water in the city of Buenos Aires

On Monday, the week will begin with changing clouds and weather becoming better, with moderately light winds of variable directions, changing to the northern section.

Evening, part or part of teams, with light and medium winds from the northern section, and temporarily move to the eastern section.

The lowest is 18 degrees and the highest 32 degrees.

Tuesday morning, cloud is increasing and weather is & # 39; get worse, with the opportunity to shelter.

In the evening, calm wings are expected, with fair water and gentle winds, changing to the southern section.

It is 21 lowest and the maximum 26 degrees.

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