Overwatch Contenders player, Ellie, did not match the same player. there [UPDATE]


Cloud9 streamer Becca & # 39; Aspen & # 39; Rukavina said Ellie, the Overwatch player was at the heart of a big controversy this week after she walked away from a place on the Contenders team due to harassment, being a real man.

To make a long story short, Ellie came out of the place with a new account of Overwatch and disappeared through the competing fields enough to take the look of Contenders teams.

Shortly after entering the Contenders Second Wind team, the player declined after a strict examination of their true identity, something that said it would not happen if it was a Ellie woman.

Esports insider Rod Slasher & # 39; Breslau on Twitter said "Ellie in the private message to his companions in the last time to prove that she has not been the only player."

Follow Slasher on his first tweet to another; show more evidence in screenplay between the main punisherow player, formerly reported on stream and Reddit that they have been their time with Ellie, and another woman Overwatch & Catsui, who did not know this event.

This was taken to light after a break of Aspen to & # 39; show Ellie's real identity.

On the stream, Aspen told spectators that "Ellie, Ellie." Instead, she said "there was a whole situation, in a way, as a social test".

"Ellis is a Punisher, and told me yesterday," said the stream to spectators.

"Yeah, Ellie is Punisher," Aspen again on the stream. "He did this as a social test test, and he did not expect him to get out of his hand, so he put the zoo around it."

There was plenty of Reddit consideration of whether he was a piper as a player of Ellie, who refused them again.

A punisher must still make any statement of the situation, and whether it was a social test statement & # 39; of a kind, or not to come from social social Ellie since she went down from the second wind.

So, it seems that Ellie's saga is long out, and if it was the social test & # 39; With Punisher, he was very sure he had interesting results.

But not everyone was a fan of social test & # 39; How Phunisher is called, although some of the responses from the community:

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