Overwatch is free for you this week


If you buy the game later, stick to all your progress.

Blizzard developers allow players to try the overwatch multiplayer that you enjoy for the week for free. In addition, if you choose to buy the game then, keep any progress you make.

An interesting bonus is also an activity that offers up to 3 special sprays for the new heroes of Ashe. You just have to do it but connect to the Battle.net account to a & # 39; Include your Twitch account and then watch overwatch for at least two hours on that date.

The date was not updated yet. The Heather Hero is already in public inquiry.

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The new upgrade overwatch needs to re-instate the game

For this multi-player title, this is not the first thing like that anyway. In the end, offered for the weekend is free. last It was in February this year.

The event will start on the afternoon of November 20 at 8:00 pm and will continue until the next Monday, i. November 26. It will also be available for PC owners as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

See also the new Live Game edition:

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