Owners also Adria Airways would be capitalized


The owner of Adria Airways, 4K Invest, will be revived to & # 39; company with four million more. The capital increase of at least 10 million euros at least is planned in a & # 39; First season of the next year, Slovenian airline said.

The capital boost has been aiming to continuously improve the Slovenian air industry, Adria Airways said: "The decision was made to include business and firm beliefs in the owner of the Sennine Air Passenger Access Future, is one of the most powerful regional air transport in the regular traffic department and ACMI services (crew with a crew of a plane) in Central and eastern Europe. "

Adria Airways is working this year at a loss, due to high oil prices, Holry Kowarsch, director of Adria Airways, said in an interview with Delo. Winter is even more difficult for aircrafts for the year.

"We are trying to set Adria Airways for a sustainable business and further growth. We have made great progress, and in the future, we will develop the company's ability and build Air is even stronger, "said Holger Kowarsch.

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