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Oxford Dictionary 90 years of Chinese English 250

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 19th) Chinese-English words have recently added oil (modernization) into the Oxford Oxford Dictionary in Oxford University Press. According to Lu Media's report, the 90th anniversary of Oxford Dictionary's full-version of 250 Chinese-Chinese terminology has been included.

Xinhua news agency on the 18th of London said that Liu Haoxian, editor of the Oxford University Faculty (China), says there are several ways to use a new terminology in Oxford Dictionary. For example, an electronic corpus is designed for linguistic research that combines different types of written and oral language. According to the use of these languages, the community proposes other options.

Once there are other words, the editor will learn more on several electronic and paperwork to ensure that it is Use the word "sufficient frequency" independently for a reasonable period of time. There is no dressing status for this time and frequency, but it is changing by word.

Liu Haoxian said there are still words that are not often used, but because they have a cultural, historical or linguistic sense, they will also be included.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the version of the Oxford Dictionary of Oxford. Oxford Dictionary was updated every three months since 2000.

According to statistics made by Oxford's Oxford Dictionary Dictionary Editorial Department, the dictionary contains 250 Chinese-English words, with over 50 added over 50 years.

Many of these English dictionaries are a Chinese ancestry linked to Chinese food and traditional culture. For example, the food range includes yogho (seafood), pigs (wooden meat), shumai (steamed), wok (fried poit); There are qipao (cheongsam), samfu (shirts), tuina (Tuina) and so on.

Liu Haoxian commented on its incredible and representative Chinese language. For example, it is a special inter-personal and cultural relationship in Guanxi (relationship) in the Chinese society. This inter-relationship relationship is extended to relatives, friends, politics, business and society.

Liu Haoxian said that many historical and linguistic factors have an influence on English-language change, so the Oxford English Dictionary must be able to; including new words that have been using English. (Editor: Feng Zhao / Yang Shengru) 1071119

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