P.E.I. gas prices are sinking under dollars January 1 Local | News


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – The islanders will welcome the year and year; new breaks at the pumps, and grateful to implement the implementation of divisional taxes to order prescribed carbon tax.

The Islands Commission and Appeals Commission nominated at 12:01 a.m. On Tuesday, January 1, gas prices will be reduced by two pence per liter. Diesel prices fall down four cents per liter, and furnace and stove oil prices dropped three pence per liter.

However, program pricing will increase 1.5 cents per liter for Irving Energy Distribution, not 0.8 cents per liter for Superior Propane. Kenmac Energy Inc prices have yet to be changed.

Price & & # 39; falling in addition to a 3.4-cent-per-liter reduction tax in arm gown taxes, and a 4.3-cent-per-liter reduction in diesel fees with Jan. 1. The tolls in first rent taxes were classified as compared to an increase of 4.4 cent per liter in gas charges and an increase of 5.3 cent per liter in diesel fees as part of a federal carbon charge regime.

However, federal subsidiaries will not affect until April 2019.

In December, Finance Minister, Heath Macdonald, said that the treasury fees would be charged for his / her. The first three months of 2019 cost a lost income for most $ 3 million.

In total, pump prices for gasoline are regular, unchanged from 95.7 cents per liter to 96.8 cents per liter. Diesel prices are between 114.7 and 115.8 cents per liter, and propane tax prices will be between 78.3 to 79.0 cents per liter.

The highest toll pricing price for furnace oil is now available; going to 84.4 cents per lir.

The price revision that will be commissioned on 15 January.

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