Pablo Corrales provides support for people with HIV La Chronica del Quindío


The promoter and legal representative of the Apprentice to Live support group are to block and help campaigns for people who are in a position. suffering from the virus that attacks the protection system.

Pablo Corrales provides support for people with HIV

Pablo Corrales has been attending HIV community for 12 years.

Pablo Emilio Corrales is a representative of the Aprendiendo a Vivir support group, a foundation that is responsible for providing support to people with HIV and to develop initiatives to help them. prevention and control of illness throughout Quindío.

How long ago is part of the foundation?

Since 2006, since its establishment.

Why did you decide to focus on people with HIV?

I started to see a number of friends in the hospital with the illness and I was very worried about the case, because today it is possible for a person to get the virus, then our body was born with that purpose, to inform , communication, training, workshops to educate the department on HIV / AIDS issues and how it is a virus that is so easy to build, we must educate children, young people , older people, gender workers and the whole population.

What type of population do they handle?

When I started to visit the hospital, I saw around the people, family condoles made up of children, mothers, youths, older people and others, and so from the basis we set forward to face all of them, through lectures, workshops to educate gender to the whole population, as we continue to make the second division with the largest number of HIV transporters across the country, has been & # 39; happen for a long time and we can not reduce the index.

What should the State do in response to this problem?

HIV is a public health problem, and so the government should make stronger and advanced initiatives, as it is not just going to give a condom and a quick test, not a timely and effective solution That is because I repeat the high number of people with a virus in the department and also have a & # 39; First of the carriers of the housemother's mothers, who are not sex workers, older adults and young people, then the problem in the small education and the minimum reach of their campaigns

What does a person with HIV need to do to avoid emergency?

At first you must be clear that anyone can get their & # 39; This virus, but is not heavy by kiss, kiss or interaction, HIV can not enter the body in three ways, with genetic bond, blood and estate from mother to child, second , we have to remove that idea that people with those diseases can Dying, no matter, we need to remove that picture because the health system now supports and does not have an EPS or Sisbén, The support team can also help them with & # 39; whole process and third, there is a medication that should be taken for life and it's a medicine that's a? help to prevent the protection deficit and be with a good diet for the cure to be effective.

What type of help do you give to people with the virus?

We'll start by & # 39; See if they already had Sisbén, and if not, we'll connect them to handle them, we will also do it; make medical supposition for people in hospitals when there are cases of suitable diseases that comply with a & # 39; virus: a wear, hepatitis or toxoplasmosis. We have had many issues of emerging people, that's something amazing, one of the actions we are doing is; fun and recreation, now by the end of the year we will bring every family from the foundation to a place where they have free recreation and amalgamation.

What are your banning campaigns?

Since its inception, we saw the strong need and difficulties in the schools, so we started the sexual education initiatives with the parents, so those who educate their children will not be scared when they see their children with a condom, because that element is not equal to gender, equal to prevention, which is not seen by morbidity or perversion, but as something to care.

How many people benefit from the foundation?

We have around 500 families to keep in touch with the WhatsApp group.

What do they do to & # 39; avoid those people?

It has been a very difficult part, stigma and discrimination are very strong in our society, when a person with HIV gets access to work and work environment; Find out, there is a lot of rejection, in these cases we have helped to make objections, requests before the institutions. HIV is not the same as illness, we have all the right to be sick; remain honored, things are more complicated as those with children, who are also on the outskirts despite having started their sexual life and not be guilty of state.

What's in a & # 39; Invitation from the entity to people who need help?

The Learning to Live support group is open to all and all, the number we handle 3165301463, do not be afraid to ask for help, you must create awareness and be more open to the type of opportunities that anyone has.


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