Pablo Echarri talks about Nancy Dupla and his definition as "cristinista"


Nancy Dupla He created a strong controversy with his last public statements, which made it clear that he was a Christian and a Kirchnerist, as well as criticizing Mauricio Macri's government when he said that I a & # 39; I feel special nostalgia as a lecture, I do not like how he says himself he is going to do it; lie fast because you know what his plans … ", sentenced to a radio interview by Luis Bremer.

Although the political position of Scotland is main person on "100 days to fall in love", Recently he has been involved in a variety of scandals to evaluate the current government, handled it as "unfortunate", "wanting" and his & # 39; make sure not just a group of entrepreneurs; in achieving economic and political benefits. This time, I was not sorry to send his idea to Radio Conexin Open.

In contrast, Dupla was sure he had a blind trust Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner, for it is the only man who will take us away slowly, which includes the people, putting their money back in their pocket so that they can live in peace, and those rights again that were a lot and necessary for all of this cultural change "And he continued saying:" I am to return to Argentina, where the people were inside the system or at least most, much more was still to be done. "

Now, Pablo Echarri He talked about his wife's political standing and marked his official Twitter account for the words Nancy added to him in the recent interview, making it clear that he also thinks it seems. "That's my wife!" He wrote act from its microblogging network, also recognizes that it is consistent with Kirchnerism and its political certainty is clear that the government should be back to power.

In addition, in a celebration organized by the Argentine of Actors Management (SAGAI), the gal Think: I do not know if Cristina is a candidate but there is still a lot of water; runs under the bridge and I think everything can happen. In that sense, he said he hopes that "strength to face the numbers to an option, which I want, will be completed in 2019," he said.


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