Pablo Turner says Falabella has a balance and talent to make a Free Online Line


In Icare, he said the company should spend a lot to get new users.

For Pablo Turner, president of AD Retail, he will build on Linio by Falabella, where he has been Head of for nearly five years, challenging himself before settling the stage as a co-competitive appropriate in the international concert.

"It's interesting what can happen with Linio, because it's a fictional market, it did not work, it was broken, etc. Mercado Libre collected completely and kept (Line) Very little. Falabella's balance and talent has been able to make Linio as a kind of free market. The problem is that Mercado Libre is not the capital market, "he said.

As part of the Icare room, he explained that Falabella was surrendered to a traditional market, which is not used to cost the cost of a business range that just has a " start.

"Imagine the last week. Linio, in the Falabella report, is a traditional market that wants and uses it to an advanced Ebitda, showing its regions such as Sodimac with Ebitda and a positive line , unfortunately, explaining why he lost money, "he said.

For Turner, it's obvious that Linio has a "real money to miss opportunities".

"There is a constitution, but there is a charge for new users and that costs money. Falabella has talent and balance, but I do not know if his control is so protecting a capital market and explaining what the cost of consumers means to truly compete in an environment where only the global announcements of their competition, "he said, says The key is to improve the knowledge of the user.

Movistar: equivalent court for 5G

Telefónica Chile is clear that the country's investments in the telecommunications department should not be. According to its general director, Roberto Muñoz, cost to # 39; construction of the main stone on the road.
"We need to increase the popularity of the investor, thus attracting inventories and delivering infrastructure," he said in Icare.
He said that "in Chile we have to abolish additional costs." A definition: "It's not a matter for me that there is a cell phone site in Santiago or departments that costs 70% more than it costs in Paris or in London."
He said "that level is the 5G competition range".

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