Pachuca shows that Colo Colo is in a position; Looking for Edson Puch and the ones who have been chosen to return to Chile


According to former president of Tuzos, owner of a player's letter, the Cacique and other clubs consulted for the Iquique.

Colo Colo must affirm a court, according to the DT, Mario Salas, and his sports manager, Marcelo Espina. Juan Carlos Gaete has come but three or four others are still missing.

And one of the names in the folder is one Edson Puch, which was said to have already been and now it has been confirmed that there were already consultations.

"There is an interest in Colo Colo, U and UC. Also from Toluca", former president Pachuca, a club owner, signed his letter, Andrés Fassi to El Mercurio.

"The three clubs in Chile have already sent us to know but none are closer. We'll sit down and check the terms of each one ", it will grow deeper.

Indeed, he stressed that "It is not possible to lend Puch. If left, it's for sale. It was important investment in 2017, when we bought it from Necaxa for nearly four million dollars", although he is also aware that "terms have changed. Puch played two season fairly well with us, but also does not like a 29-year-old football player, a 32-year football game.

By passing, he confirmed that the Iquiqueño's intention was to go; offers a little offer from here. "Toluca may be the best offer we have received, but he wants to return to Chile", he said.

Finally, Fassi said that a formula could be obtained for approval. "It can be an economic activity, players can be involved. We are open to analyze the offers", finished.

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