Pacto de Sangre: A comment by Marco in the rehabilitation phase that reminded Felipe Avello's approach Television and exhibitions


On Tuesday, there will be a new chapter Blood Contractwhere Marco was seen being treated for treatment at a rehabilitation center where he sent him following attack on Josefa.

In the vision, the entrepreneur was shown to be pityless and look after the life stories told to his companions, which disturbed the study of the activity, t he forced him to tell him.

This is the most exciting time that created a laughter amongst the audience, as Marco was very different.

The last, as he was sure in many times "I'm quiet" and "I'm fine"However, he constructed a very quiet position that he was not a drug addict and did not have any difficulties like his other colleagues.

"Do I have litter on litter?"he asked in a moment, saying that he was carrying a "slit" on what they were thinking about and that his only thing was returning to his wife.

Finally, this information brought a number of viewers in memory of the comedian Felipe Avello as was the Huaso de Olmué Festival in 2018, where it is He was always saying “I am fine” when I refer to their separation.

Here we will be leaving some of the views on Twitter.

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