Painted Vein is in a bracket announcing a "tasty session": "UNDERSTANDING"


Painted Vein in a courtyard tells

In March last year Justyna Żyła She published an incredible mind on Instagram, in which she told her to have left her husband, the well-known dolphin, and her children for her schoolmaster.

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Initially, everyone fell into confusion with Justyna, and the image of Piotr as a "goshawk" was remarkable everyday. Subsequent bids have already resulted in mixed awareness. Baby of the dolphin she did not stop herself in typing a family and he could not say that the interest she was grateful to him was great. Currently she turned them into financial profits – she began to appear on the walls, and she mentioned One of the worst in the history of the session a Playboy and established a YouTube cooking channel. Then she got her own television show and offered to participate Dance with the Rionnagan.

Justyna has been preparing for exhibitions for several weeks and features Instagram training. She was also expecting that while she was in a position; live in Warsaw her grandfather and her grandmothers and her friends look after her children.

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It's already known like that In the program, Justyna will be donated as … "the cookie blogger"Now, Żyła has saved a" sensual "image in the network, and it is anticipated that it is a preview of a new session about food." In the photograph of the age of 31 he will send a fur and fur coat with a courtyard and his / her; holding a cupcake in her hand Everything has been compiled with a strong stick and a style of paint arranged carefully.

Overview of a tasty session. Very good food – wrote a previous woman, who & # 39; put Hashua to him: #matkapolka #cii #juzzamomencik #dziejesie #bedziehejt.

Then Żyła put the picture away and put it back again, with new havehtags. This time I wrote (we will keep the original spelling): "In a minute, a minute, a preview of the #key cooking session #tanieczgwiazdami #onlygoodvibes #nowyprojektwdrodze # matkapolka # matkapolkawadiatk # happening #pozdrawiamwszystkich # # # czwkam # kochani ".

Do you think that Justyna will have a & # 39; break out how big is her old man?

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