Pajkatt became an OG player Dote 2


Og called the name of its player who will Play for the crew in a closed certificate The main Chongong for Europe. He came to Kerry before OpTic Quiz By Anders Pajkatt Olsen LilleThe following is from the publication published on Facebook, Lille will not stand, but a regular player of the team.

November 19th Anatan ana Fam OG left and for his second time he defeated the competition: he had previously stopped his post after that The 2017 Internationalwhen I left it out of the street. He returned to the program in January 2018, going to Kerry World teamHe then said Echo international teamand before The 2018 International he returned to OG and won the world competition with her.

After the OpTic division in September 2018, Pajkatt did not join the other teams. At the WESG 2018 advocates, he plays in & # 39; Fikaklubben mix, where they are also playing Ludwig zai wahlberg and Gustav s4 MagnussonAfter 30 November, the team argues The last tribe for a place in the main stage of the competition.

The European certificate for the second major part of the season will be held on November 28-30. Out of the eight partners, three teams will get rods for their competition.

By Anders Pajkatt Olsen Lille


Sebastian Ceb Debs

Jersex JerAx Vainikka

Johan n0tail sundstein

Anatan ana Fam (stock)

European certified European certified partners:

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