Pakistan does not want to be upset with India


In addition to the ICC or ICC Championship, India is not facing it. File image The Pakistani Cricket Board's repetition has not been repeatedly rejected, to find out that more disagreement is rejected than the same, the PCB does not; try to break the case. India will not be asked for the nation's honor and the bilingual series will not be called. The PCB said.

PCB's new director, Wasim Khan, in Karachi today said his first press release in Karachi was that PCB wanted to create such a situation that India's interest would be encouraged . India wants Pakistan's bi-lingual suite. After 2007, these two teams did not have any test lines. Almost not in time, there are not two quick and exciting fans of cricket against them! India-Pakistan played a two-dimensional one-day series in January 2013

Naturally, today one of the media questions, what did you do? Is it necessary to start the Indian-Pakistan fight? In response, the new doctor said, "It's a huge challenge. I do not see a quick solution. And in front of India, a bilingual series is not possible in a short time. But we're trying. President PCB Ehsan Mani attempts to bring India back to her; chat board so that the disease is cut. But first of all, we must think of respecting the country. & # 39;

We said, "We're going to ask them, but now we need such a situation that they want us to play for the movie." We need to do this. Yes, I do not play the opponent, it's hard. But life is not a stop, the world is a going on too. We need to move on too. I can not wait for India for all his life. Our goal is to develop Pakistan's cricket and internationally achieve our team and players. "

The agreement was signed between the two boards to play at least seven two-dimensional lines between 2014 and 2023. Remembering the sequence as possible, TB broadcasters purchased the PCB property rights. But broadcasters want India-Pakistan fighting to overwhelm it; there are no salaries. This has a huge financial pressure on this. The last critical PCB was writing a written complaint to ICC in November last year. However, the ICC decides that the moral responsibility for BCCI is not to be in a position; Play the series that was legally promised.

ICC president Ehsan Mani is now chair of PCB. Manojo said: "We have a big relationship with the Indian board. Each other's respects, but we will not get them to play with us more. If we can introduce the Pakistan cricket into the three best teams, they will play with us. Of course, I get lots of messages from Indian journalists and ordinary people, where they talk about playing against them. But politics have come in, and I think the game should be far from politics. But this is happening in this section, especially in India. & # 39;

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