Palermo Avenue opening in Palermo: flatter or bridge at the junction by Juan B. Justo


The "new" Avenue Avenue Cordoba It will be available today to travel at home Juan B. Justo, in Buenos Aires in Palermo, after 33 days in which the Historical Reconstruction Bridge was removed and progress was made with the construction of the San Martín railway bridge.

With the opening of the road he reduced the area that had been in cars in the last few weeks; Despite the efforts of the delegates that have been transposed to organize the settlement in a large area of ​​day attack through office and night buildings for their coves and restaurants.

Head of Home Management, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Introducing a formal re-opening of Córdoba, this Friday 13. The Secretary of Transport, Juan José Méndez, will be with him.

Video of Infobae Drone: this is how the head of Córdoba and Juan B. Just looked before the reform

Juan B. Justo Avenue will shut down for traffic until March 2019 at least, when the end of the bridge ends. To that end, keep away from the traffic of the light and the collections that are scattered by a & # 39; shop.

The San Martin railway bridge works incorporating changes of 11 level routes (Avenue Avenue, Corrientes Avenue, Newbery Avenue, Trelles / Warnes, Honduras, Gorriti, JA Cabrera, Niceto Vega, Loyola, Ramírez de Velasco and Girardot.), Converting them to traditional crosses. "The upgrade of the block will prevent impediment and by improving road safety settings, waiting areas, pedestrian areas and traffic flows", make sure that local officers are.

Bus routes

– For the cut in av. Córdoba, bus lines 140 (Correo Central / Bolougne), 151 (Puente Saavedra / Constitución) and 168 (Puente Saavedra / Constitución) to go away. They will start all day, on Friday 23 November, their normal routes. Córdoba.

– In terms of the cut in av. Juan B. Justo, line 166 (Palermo / Libertad), and those who provide service and other strengthening to the FF.CC. San Martin, maintain the following routes:

* Visit to the South: av. Juan B. Justo, Jose A. Cabrera, Fitz Roy, Castillo, eac. Juan B. Fair.

* Towards the North: av. Juan B. Justo, Godoy Cruz, Jose A. Cabrera, av. Juan B. Fair.

Road change and street opening

The streets of Villarroel and Aguirre were opened to the northwest (they are still possible for the time). Also, for cutting in av. Juan B. Justo had already made the following changes to the streets of Castillo and Cabrera, at the same time that the Castle-level corridor had been made possible.

* Castle between Humboldt and Av. Juan B. Justo is alone in the east (to Av Juan B. Justo).

* Cabrera between Godoy Cruz and av. Juan B. Justo is a distinctive hand in the northwest (to Av Juan B. Justo).

Parking is banned in each hand:

– Godoy Cruz between av. Juan B. Justo and Honduras.

– Honduras between Godoy Cruz and av. Juan B. Fair.
– Cabrera between Godoy Cruz and Fitz Roy.
– Fitz Roy between Cabrera and Loyola.
– Castle between Fitz Roy and av. Juan B. Fair.
– Loyola between Fitz Roy and av. Juan B. Fair.

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