Palestine and Madainn Santiago will explain the women's football pockets


Morning of Phalestine and Santiago they are National Stadium, in the final of women's football, in an important year where the national team expressed World Cup in 2019.

Although the "Arab"They will look for the second title, the"microbush"They try to complete their first crown.

2018 female football final

Palestine 2-3 Santiago Morning. Finished. National Stadium Listen to the outdoor battle in Cooperativa and review it Virtual Identity on

0-1: 28 & María Francisca Mardones (MOR); 1-1: 40 & María José Urrutia (PAL). 1-2: 48 & Lindsay Zullo (MOR). 1-3: 85 & # 39; Catalina López (MOR). 2-3: 91 & María José Urrutia (PAL).

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