Palestine – Creating a magic device that's a? Turn any surface of a handscreen


(MENAFN – Phalestine News Network) Technology is always giving up new ideas that are going to be. help our everyday life, and from the latest devices, a device that can convert any surface to a digital communications screen.

Cube puppets built an Android device that displays the image on any surface, such as a restaurant or home floor, and converts it to a sensitive digital screen on the # cover.

The technology in the BabiCube is similar to the presenter or project that, The image is shown on the wall, but the difference here is that the image that is displayed is the " appear to respond to & # 39; tied.

The 32 GB device storage power, which includes 4 GB of RAM (RAM), and its & # 39; reflect the image with HD high definition video technology.

The device can be converted from smartphone or smartphone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi usage.

The company says that the device will be useful for many daily routines, such as video games for children, or to be used in the presentation at the job projects.

The company will operate the operating system in December, and cost $ 800.


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