Palladium was filtered for two days, this may be a S&P 500 warning


Today (29) it is the last trading day of the first quarter. The S&P is expected to rise by more than 12% in this fourth, the biggest benefit from all three quarters 2009. Other key indexes have also dramatically increased in this quarter.

The Finance Secretary of the US Menuchin today unveiled a hopeful speech on the Sino-US trade negotiations, and it is anticipated that this will deliver greater benefits to the stock market. Composite comparison Composite Shanghai rose by more than 3% today.

But Rabbit Hole tribe, Gary Tanashian, said the dawn could be in the palladium price of the last two days for the S&P 500 record. On Thursday, Palladium fell by $ 112 per ounce in June,. single-day toll reduction from 1984. On Wednesday, palladium prices also came up by more than $ 90.

Tina said: "The bubble dumping will affect palladium, just as the silver bubble exploded in the first quarter of 2011."

He added: "Palladium movement is closely linked to the US economy and stock market. When the price of the palladium fell sharply in 2001 and 2008, the S&P 500 also fell rapidly.

Tana said the S&P 500 has been completing for a year, and that it might end its long market.

He confirmed that the fall in the past palladium and S&P 500 pattern may be a conflict and not an entry mark. However, he added that the relationship between the two awards was still worthy of ownership to owners.

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