Palladium will clean up at $ 1500


Palladium will clean up at $ 1500

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Used in catalytic converting used in device device systems (Reuters)

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The palladium price was over $ 1,500 for the first time in the history of Wednesday, and # 39; Performing all metal including gold, which rises to a new 10-month high when the dollar collapsed before the reservation of the Session meeting.
Palladium, an important metal in the transformation industry used in device device systems, is strongly demanded, which started late last year after Jane supported a home car demand , with 70% of request to & # 39; coming from representatives of car detectors Car car.
The current palladium has grown to a long-term height of $ 1500.50 per uns. By 06:03 GMT, the metal was up 0.8 per cent at $ 1,492 each. Palladium has risen by 19 per cent since the beginning of this year, and it's one of the best minerals that have been. achieve.
China is the largest consumer of cars, which supports the exchange of palladium in the short and short term. mid-way, to reach its profit from 2016 to around 200 per cent. China's vehicle ownership remains low compared to the average in the world, according to the Automobile Chinese Chilean Manufacturers Association.
However, the society expected to become slower in the country's automotive market in 2019, and shows that economic growth could influence the consumption of expensive goods, including car.
China is the world's biggest self-market market, and many world industrialists depend on China's biggest sales market to increase revenue and sales sales.
According to data released by the Society, about 28 million cars will be sold in 2019, as recorded in 2018, according to Xinhua's official journalist.
Commercial vehicle sales could increase by 1 per cent year to 4.4 million vehicles, and the sale of a new power car 33 per cent year to 1.6 million vehicles is expected, the company said. Official data showed that China has about 240 million cars by the end of 2018, up 22.85 million from 2017.
Yesterday, gold prices get the highest rates from April 19, 2018, how the dollar was Falling on the results of the Finance Department is lower and optimistic about US-China trade speeches.
US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that trade with a conversation with China was doing well, Note that it was open to suspend the date to complete negotiations set for 1 March.
Harish F … The Head of Property Investigation at GeoGit Financial Services said that most of the investors have a " expects the US-Chinese disaster to talk easier this week, weakens the dollar and gold that supports.
Progress in trade talks between the two largest economies in the world has prevented the dollar's application as a safe base, and increasing the gold demand for investors. Gold rises 0.1% to $ 1342.45 an uns, after climbing to $ 1346.73 earlier in session. The growth of gold income in the US revenue contract increased by 0.1 per cent to $ 1,345.7 units.
Among other precious metals, platinum 0.1% rises to $ 818.50 units, and money rises 0.4 percent to $ 16.04 per wave.

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