Palmeiras, Flamengo and Between with Brazilian bounty; see


In addition to the Palmeiras and vice-Flemish campaigner, another team had a place at the top of the board. With the stumble of Sao Paulo ahead of Sport, the international is preserved in third place. In addition to the place for the level of the Conmebol Libertadores, Colorado R $ 7.7 million won the final.

Together, Palmeiras, Flamengo and International spent around R $ 37.8 million. Competition, Verdão R $ 18.6, and Rubro-Negro received R $ 11.3. See the list of awards list below:

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Palmeiras: R $ 18,693,300.00;
Flamengo: R $ 11,373,030.00;
Third place: R $ 7,759,170.00;
4th place: R $ 5,633,370.00;
5th place: R $ 4,092,165.00;
6th place: R $ 2,763,540.00;
7th place: R $ 2,391,525.00;
8th place: R $ 2,072,655.00;
9th place: R $ 1,806,930.00;
10th place: R $ 1,594,350.00;
11th place: R $ 1,381,770.00;
12th place: R $ 1,222,335.00;
13th place: R $ 1,062,900.00;
14th place: R $ 956,610.00;
15th place: R $ 850,320.00;
16th place: R $ 744,030.00.

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Photographic credit: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

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