Palmeiras is being rebuilt by Alexandre Mattos for three years – Football


O Palm Trees signed the resettlement with Alexandre Mattos for the next three years. The poker leader is now led by the Alviverde team until 2021.

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Maurice Galiotte is the first act of rejuvenation as a re-elected president. Last Saturday, The top voter of votes won the votes in the most important club situation to 2021South Westerly

The agreement was needed soon so that the director could continue to work on team design. Arrangements were held for Mattos to make any decision before he was sure he would stay at the Football Academy for the next few years.

In Alviverde, Alexandre Mattos was a two-time warrior at Brasileir√£o and a warrior in the Brazil Cup, as well as being the second place in 2017. It is worth remembering that when he arrived at Palmeiras, He has already been a two-hour soloist of the National who was over Cruzeiro.

The next step taken by Palmeiras is the renewal of his contract with Crefisa. The agreement between the club and the sponsor does not only go to December and will be restored for the next three years. Both sides have already expressed an interest and finalize the latest information.

In addition to the agreement with the trustee, Alviverde will be one of them Main missions to keep up the ace and today Dudu idolSouth Westerly

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