Palmeiras will meet new investors and may have other sponsorship as well as Crefisa


Palmeiras's financial strength could increase even further in the next season. With Mauricio Galiotte's influence on Saturday's election, Crefisa's support will be a great deal. supporting Leila Pereira as an indication of the situation of the club for the next three years. However, this does not impede Palmeiras from having a & # 39; receive a new investment next year.

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Due to FOX Sports Radio today, the president of the club said he will not meet investors from Black Star, a company that gave a letter of confidentiality, challenged by Genaro Marino, the day before the election. Even leaving the other side of her & # 39; club, the current president has confirmed that he will try to join the new trustee, who can put $ 200 million into the club for two years. The information was given by Benjamin Back, the host of his program, last week.

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"I say the following, consistently, this mental letter came before the election before. I am a happy president with this letter. It is a sign of our work, strength of our brand Let's let's know, let's know the people who are responsible, I invite Genaro Marino to attend. We want to know about the company, I sent Do Crefisa about the proposal and they are open to hear everything they hear. The market is looking at Palmeiras, from so many problems to get funding, to be re-searched. We will continue continue with esteem next week, "explained President Palmeiras.

In this way, the Palmeiras can maintain sponsorship between Crefisa and Black Star for the next few years. However, this will all depend on a meeting that includes a board and Alviverde investors.

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