Pancakes – Panathinaikos – Panathinaikos – Basketball deja vu for Rick Pittino – Basketball – Greece


Some of it is … creepy. Panathinaikos Rik Pitino got off yesterday to get out of the OAKA with a triple "prayer" Rudy Fernandez in the uniform.

But, just 27 years ago, on 28 March (like yesterday) but in 1992, the American technician had something similar. In the East NCAA regional final, Kentucky's own Duke Mike Shizovski had his face against it and seems to have won, with the victory of 2.1; for the finish and back to the other side of the parquet. However, Christian Luther, a member of the first Dream Dream, wrote very hard at the end of the journey, the last 104-103 leaving Petite.

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