Pancho Saavedra will do anything about his trip with Kast: "I think this was not the way"


Undoubtedly, the year was 2018 Pancho Saavedra. Implemented and recognized several times, Channel 13 faced most of all and earned the heart of the Sinclair for such a solid & as it was for the growing public.

However, that did not stop getting involved in any other controversy.

Perhaps the hardest, cruel, and the most recent, with former president José Antonio Kast, have been the most demanding, to be unprepared, "imbecile".

Everything in the context in which the head of the Republic of Public Affairs criticized Emilia Nuyado's post-session during his session. Transport in which she wrote a few words to Minister Andrés Chadwick in Mapudungun.

And there was just a "punch" in more of a globe that gave hard war in social networks.

But now the animator is doing something wrong. In an interview with La Tercera an Cuban he said "I think I fell into the same game by brutally responding."

However, he also made sure "I'm not sorry, but I think that's not the way. I do not want to delete what I wrote on Twitter, because I do not have to & # 39; lament it, it was a real answer to me. With everything I did not have a long time. One is sorry, because Twitter is extremely violent. Suddenly, a & # 39; reading several things, some damage and some amazing things, he does not believe it. "

Saavedra also said he knew the same moment that his revival was going to generate reactions: "I remember when I published my opinion, I said to the scene I screwed up, but I also said that this is done & my son. I'm a driver that has an idea. It may not be The way it was, and that the word has hit some, because they think that I should say but with respect. And that's when I understand that they are right, and that I must respect my ideas. "


In the interview Saavedra also took the opportunity to increase its vision of television facework. "A living person must have a proxy, it must be a problem. He can not be an ego for the ego. You need to work as a animator in a good way, and not as a simple auditor . Because you're a simple weaver, you'll pass without pain or glue. "

In this regard, Saavedra recognizes that there is a kind of sacrifice that should be done in respect of these same sentences: "A person must sleep clearly with wisdom, because I know that I am taking an hour of sleep or my family friendship for fighting for reasons, as I did in the parade for cancer law (… ) You can not just get criticism and peace in the state, you have to do something, "he said.

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