Panic! Robot & Invisible & # 39; to put Mars a picture clearly, a & # 39; first image back to the ground


NASA's NASA Web Design Website Add a clear view of the planet to Earth. And now power is to cost the resolution …

Fox News on November 27, 2018 said the InSight robot of the Air and Spanish National Administration (NASA), or NASA, had successfully succeeded. Mars Monday, according to USA. Deliver its first high-definition scenes from Mars to the world.

"The scene is very beautiful here. I look forward to exploring my new home." Tweets Twitter @ NASAInSight "Monday Monday in the US. Many times after the A robot to explore this route. As NASA said. Now, the site is open to its solar panel. To take care of confidence

The first image posted on the site after the trip is not clear.

The landing site on Mars was completed for six months after traveling from Earth for more than 458 million miles to make a mission to explore the elements inside this red planet . This will make it the first planet outside the world to be explored.

These solar panels are like this.

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