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Panta Rhei's network of stories launched its Christmas campaign with hedgehogs with the most beautiful stories that link us to us. In addition to the holiday site, he edited a bookroom, which travels throughout Slovakia in December.

"With this initiative, we are giving a Christmas message, we talk about Christmas and talk about Christmas," said Lukáš Bonk, Marketing Director, Panta Rhei.

The creative site was created with the idea created in Panta Rhei in collaboration with the director of Petrom Czikray and the producer Barbara Kips of Protos, the main image prepared by Men in Tie. Spot is 90 seconds, 30-, 10- and 6-second versions are also ready.

Besides the place, the book network also organized a Christmas showcase – bookshop. She travels in December from Kosice across Slovakia.

"We want to show people slowly, enjoy peace, or alone or close," said Ivan Krišsakova, Marketing Expert from Panta Rhei.

"We chose the towns where we have our bookshop, but also the towns where we are not, because we want to be as close as possible to the people," she said.

The Panta Rhei Christmas campaign is used on social networks, YouTube and cinemas. He will also listen to the audience through radio venues and readings at Radio Express and Gentle and Radio Wave stations. According to L. Bonko, the media mix is ​​also in place for Panta Rhei's strong support and printed sources.

Panta Rhei will travel to several provincial settlementsWell: Panta Rhei

Well: Panta Rhei

Well: Panta Rhei

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