Paolo Guerrero: Video tells that his son died when his "drag" rule was attacked | VIDEO | With music and news


Justice for July! The images showed a watch video camera the last moments of his nephew Paolo Guerrero and the first football player Julio 'Coyote'; Rivera, Julio André Rivera Quispewho died immediately after being victims of robbery 'on the move' Huaylas, inner Chorrillos.

These photographs that a security camera is captured show the exact moment they are Julio Rivera with his mobile phone in hand he is trying to cross the road and some of the offenders are on board the car and in the blast, the victim is pulled by the vehicle. . The product of the tug, the son's nephew Paolo Guerrero He falls to the line and loses his life immediately.

These topics remove the cell phone from the victim, which is pulled by the vehicle

A Saturday morning was recorded at the time sad death by nephew Paolo Guerrero and at first it was felt that the young man had died after escaping from criminals who had wanted to attack him. The football player was especially surprised, especially Doña Peta, who went to Central Morgue in Lima And a great deal of land he had to see his grandson. The remains of the 28-year-old were buried in a graveyard on Monday. Lurin.

Meanwhile, the National Police Warning Department (Scotland) Police staff have carried out the research, which will be used to find out where convicts are.


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