PAPPRI A question about the Representative Representative Group Group Clarify Draft Law Draft Draft


JAKARTA, – The Composers of Singer Singers and Singers Association did not open the final voices about the police of the draft RUU Bill.

The agency, led by AM Hendropriyono (Chair) and Anang Hermansyah (Daily Convener), asked the Board of Representatives House to draft the draft to clarify that The polemic can be at the moment.

That is why, PAPPRI made a further discussion about the RUU Permusi held at the Military Law College, Matraman area, East Jakarta, Monday (11/2/2019).

"PAPPRI asks the Board of Representatives House to seek a draft version of the bill (Permission) to give clarification," said Johnny Maukar, General Secretary of the PAPPRI at a press conference on RUU Permansi in Matraman, East Jakarta, Monday (11/2/2019).

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According to Johnny, the request was one of the three ideas that PAPPRI appeared to be in & # 39; Responding to the Draft Law that redesigns the benefits and accounts.

"(Other ideas) PAPPRI invites all National Permit stakeholders to review academic texts and draft Law Reform," said Johnny.

"Then, open the resource for attempts to review if necessary," continued.

At the same time, on the other hand, the Board of Representatives' House of Experts who created the draft RUU Permusi also held a meeting with the & Bill.

This was reinforced by Inosentius Samsul, one of the DPR RI Team team through a mobile phone link to, Monday (11/2/2019).

"Yes, there is a meeting to the next day (02/12/2019), we also invite musicians, there are several names, some of the music industry partners, & Probably six or seven, "said Inosentius.

However, when asked if the National Covenant was to oppose its & # 39; Licensing Bill was involved in the meeting, Inosentius said he was not involved.

According to it, the National Joint Alliance was not invited, despite the draft Bill, however, Inosentius promised to invite a partnership with 262 musicians to complete at the next meeting.

"No invitation, yes, yes, beyond invitation (next meeting)," said Inosentius.

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