Parade Court: 25 years to Graziano Father for the death of Guerrina Piscaglia


Parade Court: 25 years to Graziano Father for the death of Guerrina Piscaglia

a & # 39; High Court convicted the Congolese lawyer to the 25th anniversary Thanks Alibi, for death Guerrina Piscaglia, had disappeared from the Aretino village on May 1, 2014. According to the charge, religion, known as a community as Graziano's father, he killed the woman he had and he stops his body.

After about three hours of a council room, the first offender section of the Supreme Court dismissed the petition given by Father Graziano, confirming the sentence given by the Florence of Assizes of Appeal Court on 14 December 2017.

Initially, the friar, who never accused the crime, was sentenced to 27 years. Guerrina Piscaglia, 50, away from Caffaffello, the area of ​​the Arezzo Apennines where he was; live with his family, and where there were local parish faiths. These searches are rebuilt Both had a relationship, is endorsed by friendly people's certificates and several telephone connections: 4.027 in four months.

According to the appeal, the judges of Father Graziano are her lover killed in a minute of anger, after the request of the women to give a different statement to their story, is at risk of being & # 39; showing everything to her landowners. So, the man has made his body away and the tests are tired.

The opposition against the Graziano Father, represented by the lawyer Riziero Angeletti, who also criticized the investigation in the # 39; Maybe, I would not have been following other hypotheses, which & # 39; including self-kill. The only pist of the High Court, Elisabetta Cesqui, Recognizing that this is a signaling process, but to come to the same decisions as the appeal critics.

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