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A "half-month talk" was published shortly before the "organization of change agency!" "A group, a flattering group, an advertising group" … "caused a tight debate in the community. Some of the rules on parental governing instructions have been introduced to record recordings; some schools to ban teachers from building parent groups …In the last half months, a reporter's investigation found that the interoperability of the home-school to the App was changed, the difficulties faced by his / her; A group of parents were settled effectively, and some home-school rehearsals were even worse than before.

Home-school contact app:

I can not speak in groups, the whole family likes, and the money is even worse.

Ms Liu, a parent who was recently removed from her parents' family-family, was asked to download a app called "Pu-Tong Home" as the only home-school communication device.

"The school posted ads, names, and left all of this app, which used people to use." Ms Liu said.

There is a difference between the WeChat group and those applications, in particular, focusing on the interaction between peers between teachers and parents. There is no group discussion work, and tasks are still similar to the & # 39; circle of friends. Parents can send a message below.

Some parents are worried that the status of the children on the App is in a clear position, and # 39; rating by collecting "care value", which is & # 39; recommend teachers and relatives, reflecting growth factors (friends in the station), and share courses and articles in the station, etc. "Careful value."

"These ways of improving care value are not like caring for children, more like taking care of this app, to increase our customers." Ms Liu said.

Half month was used to talk to reporters who found the breakdown of this application that any suggestion recommended by the teacher was drawn and touted; Some parents, as well as to # 39; let downloads ancestors and enter the group, they will turn into the child's marriages and sisters, from time to time to post, The big move is; the ads are everywhere, and many "hand hands" money courses need to be spent, which ask parents to complete the app.

After the use of the parents, the application was not a group discussion process, and it was quiet, and the tasks such as building and school recipes were helpful for parents to understand the school's dynamics, but at the same time The commercial demand was clear, and to a certain extent, the "Climb" had not yet changed. And the "aggressive" problem, the job is upsetting.

This type of home-school communication covers more and more schools across the country. "Tong Tong Tong Home" said that it has been covering almost 2,100 areas and counties, serving 1 million rescuers and 24 million parents. Bei Liao said he has covered over 50,000 young people and related centers in 31 areas across the country, with more registered users. 10 million; "Wisdom Branch" said it has been covering 120,000 families and 26 million users across the country …

Work at lunchtimes, and write letters to children

Job App will be the "cattle group"

In addition to the home-school communication app, some of the apps associated with homework are also emerging in primary and secondary schools. In the previous half-month speeches, many of our WeChat parents were found to indicate the children's levels and homework, and the parent group changed to "cattle group", and the homework app was more more than that.

"I hope that the children's school can use a WeChat group, it is also used to organize homework. Now I use homework, and, arranging homework, homework, auto-verification, correction, submission, etc. Parents need help with completing the work, They are busy with their homework. " Mr Wang, the student's parents, said.

Mr Wang's children are now in the second year of a public primary school. Mr Wang usually says that the Ministry of Education has repeatedly emphasized that the primary and second level of the primary school is not at risk; leaving written homework, but why homework was similar to water after the application, "Math Day 50 Computing questions, essays almost every two days."

There are few parents who complain about the use of the school of homework activities. Not only is the application homework, but also homework and sun drying results, even the roles the teacher has registered with parents, so that parents are tired of & # 39; deal, and some; work for children.

"In particular, inscription, parents of the canned, secretive is almost half-open." Ms Li, a parent of primary students, said every time the teacher sent the appraisals that were corrected and uploaded to the app, gave them a name and suggested that – some students were funded. There are more and more parents' essays, and the long-term "coach" has been "writing". "Children and children write at lunchtime, go home and let their children out and write down."

There are more and more examples of home-school relationships that affect homework. Holidays were long-term dissatisfied in a very special place and discussion with staff. Eventually, it became a word war between teachers and class teachers of a variety of subjects. It was also ordered to give the parents back, long & And other parents were staying quiet. Parents are privately confirmed by the class teacher because they are doing homework at 12 o'clock in the evening …

It's not a technology sin

Be careful about the relationship between home and school, the relationship between doctors and patients

It is acknowledged that many new rules on the governance of parent groups have been recently introduced. For example, the Xi District District of Qinghai has set out the "Five-Yuan Five Codes that do not want to manage Higher Level School Network Communications ", which requires when leaving the information platform: do not get a break; do not apply bids, stages, etc., criticize suggestion Do not submit; Information not agreed by the Area Education Bureau for help, charity, fundraising, etc. Generally, in principle, that you are not happy, do not answer, to avoid the appearance of "flattering"; Do not send information as a lecture, pictures, links and other non-work related information, to avoid "advertising group"; others do not have a secret information.

In August this year, the Ministry of Education and the Health and Health Committee of Scotland implemented the "Comprehensive Program and General Control for Children and Youngsters with Myopia", scientific development work, quality design work development went, and her; Encouraging students to strengthen basic jobs and strengthen practical homework. Reduce mechanical training and repetition, and allow student work to move to parental work. Since then, the department's departmental departments have also provided corresponding rules, which include precise rules as a place of work.

Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the 21st Century Education Institute, believes that the education department focuses on the communication between home and school, and, Including matching measures, which are worthy of recognition: on the other hand, it must be seen that the relationship between home and school is behind the causes that come from parents, to special family education and Abolition of school education.

The public school principal in Shanghai said that the App and WeChat information technology were. The key is that users should abandon the criteria for educating people and abandon the content that is not related to education and teaching, such as stars and exhibitions. "The commercial appliances need to be cleaned, and the regulatory authorities should establish relevant monitoring systems."

A small headteacher believes that the fault is not in technical ways such as WeChat or App. The school and school need to be used reasonably, and follow the rules and their; Give respect to the rules, instead of putting each other's weight, and doing something; communicate with each other to avoid the relationship between the family and the school. South Westerly

Professor Yuan Yuan of the Department of Education at the Eastern Eastern University of China believes that at least what type of technique is there is that the relationship between home and school a & # 39; grow into the relationship between parents and teachers of each person, who provide individual features. This is a & # 39; means that the teachers' committee and their parent committee will; reduced. The "restrictive shipping" and "reconciliation agent" have the role, rather than allowing the parents to go to; gutting or crashing, either a & # 39; refusing to question or resign after having complained.

The credit experts recommend that the moral and moral research of the teachers should be strengthened in strengthening and incorporating the relationship between home and school in the training of ordinary students, class teacher training and training teachers, especially for young teachers to address the relationship between home and school.

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