Parents tell about a 4-year-old boy's summary in Hanoi who died from falling asleep


– The boy was moved to the emergency room in the state of cyanosis, excavation, breathable for a month but did not last.

>> Gillean Summary of HN deaths & # 39; was taken so that the house would be stressed

The last days, information Nguyen N.A. (4-year-old, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) unfortunately was killed by his mother and his mother died when he fell unluckyly sleeping, his hands on the child was shared by Many people, but there are many related information streams here.

To reinforce information, VietNamNet's reporter told Nguyen Phuong N. (28 years of age) and Duong Nhu H. (age 27), parents at N.A.

Ms. H., the heart crash happened on the 18/10 morning. At 6m, she awoke until she woke her daughter to school, and fell asleep on her bed. After more than 30 minutes, she woke up when her daughter called her mother's voice to press her nose, and the nose appeared a pink foam.

Parents tell me about the 4-month-old child in Hanoi to die from a # 39; falling asleep
By mid-day, 11/11, the family took a family home N.A

Mrs. H. a & # 39; His son is crying but she does not revive, now she has seen her face and lips away. After the children's nasal fight for the children, she analyzed her & her; kept but was not yet effective, and then transported children to the road to build a motorcycle to a Vietnamese-Cuba rescue hospital. Brother N. is also on the way to Hanoi in a hospital that is indirectly straightforward.

After more than 30 minutes of severe heart attack at a Vietnamese-Cuba hospital, an N.AA child has returned to heart, relocated to Heart Heart's Hospital for remedy. The first screening results decided that the child had no harm but more progress was needed.

Parents tell me about the 4-month-old child in Hanoi to die from a # 39; falling asleep
The man and the person of N. were describing the event

At 16h on the same day, the patient was relocated to a Pediatric Department, a General Green Hospital in comma, two side hills, 160 hour / minute heart level, collision distribution, humorous lungs, cold colds, cool steps.

Here he was given a mechanical induction and good revival. After a few days, the MRI scan product showed that many cerebral children had an impact on most of their cells; Invasion of the child as a result of cerebral sequelae / emergency arrest.

On the 10th day, the doctors asked the man and his wife to say that the brain had not been able to find out despite the best efforts of the doctors. In 15 days of hospital treatment, the child's condition does not occur, the heart rate is 140 hours / minutes, the round is clear, there is a lot of sudden operation, the highest 180/87 maximum / 105 mmHg, oxygen through the endotracheal tube.

Parents tell me about the 4-month-old child in Hanoi to die from a # 39; falling asleep
Moving from Green Plaza to BV Children's Hospital

On November 13, children were brought to the Children's Hospital. N's brother said that his son was moved to the Department of Pediatrics, General Hospital of Duc Giang, to address the reason why BVH was "lifeless" after more than one day of remedy here.

"At Duc Giang General Hospital, doctors have a keen interest, but tell my husband's doctors and can not save it because she fell to die in brain, a baby child is caused to "If the target gets to death," said N .. Hospital days, both his wife, his great-grandfather, foreigners crying a lot.

After the incident unfortunately, Mr. N. met his wife and his brother very hard, sleeping nights for your loss. However, a story about the N.A's child was spelled and split too much with more unrivaled information, "white change of the black place" and so he and his wife must talk to be right.

Living up here 5 days, 19/11 morning, the family decided to take a baby's brain test again but the wonderful thing did not come. On the night of 19/11, the child's home family, about 14 hours, had taken away a tube to lighten them. On the evening of 19/11, the man and his wife N. will take his mother back home in Minh Cuong, Thuong Tin area, Hanoi to organize a funeral.

"Parents who do not enjoy children, but many children do not understand the amazing words, it is not true that my wife and I'm very sad," shared.

The story is unfortunate by N.A's, N.'s brother's child also expecting parents not to; paying attention to lesser children to avoid accidents.

Thuy Hanh

90 days of fighting when the child died 2 months old from his father "width =" 145 "height =" 101

90 days of fighting when the child died 2 months returned with his father

An accident from the father, a 2 month old boy in a state of emergency. During 3 months, the child had a pleural flight 4 times, breathing failure, continuous mechanical ventilation.

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10 days to win the lifebill 17 months after death

Gasoline misuse in drink bottles, a 17-month-old boy with a liver failure, kidney failure, a team lung, a 8-part death risk.

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The Vietnam Mother to arrest children from death in America

She added the box: "You have lost your property and my sister, anything," ask me, "do you still have children?

Why not only because of the kiss, the child can meet his / her; & # 39; death & # 39 ;? Leud = = 145 "height =" 101

Why only because of a kiss, can the child meet death & # 39 ;?

The doctor explained reasons only because of a kiss, that the child is easily converted by the virus Herpes Simplex causes self-contained and can be dead.

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